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Note to self #1

Not sure when I got into the whole 'do your own thing' idea, but around 3 years ago me and few friends got into the whole thing. I was actually really excited about 'starting' something. While they all lost the interest I kept thinking and planning it up and again thinking and planning.
Three years later thinking about what I would regret if I die tomorrow, the one thing that came to my mind is not starting 'my own thing' and spending my days inside a concrete building(my day job).
Initially I was motivated to 'start my own thing' to prove all the 'naysayers' wrong, then I realized that I was motivated by the faith and belief of handful of people around me about my own abilities.Today while thinking about my motivations I realized that I really needed to try this to save my soul.....
So...I'm gonna start leaving notes to myself about anything I learn or want to remember during this journey.........
note to self..... its good to vis…

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