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A cat story

I have never really been a cat person. I had my first dog when I was 13.  I think  he was with me for almost 14 years. Anyway I had another dog for 9 years, he died last year. That was one of the most painful experiences in my life. The cat just showed up in front of our house one day, it's just one of those rare moments where someone else other than your neurotic mind makes a decision. Several times I thought I should just handover the cat to someone when he got out and my other dog ran after him, I grabbed him despite his biting and scratching because I simply didn't want my dog to kill him. After all the drama was over I was in the shower washing off my blood from all the scratches. Then I realised the truth. I would do anything to keep my cat safe, he had formed this bond with me without me realising it. There have been few depressing moments in my life over the past few months, my cat would just get on top of me and lie on my lap whenever I get into a depressed…

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