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December Recaps - 2017

Went through my 2017 goals I wrote last year...apparently I never got any of it right :D then again, it's been a pretty great year.

- Getting properly committed to spiritual growth is probably the best things this year
- Startup partner didn`t work out well, Now I know the sort of people to work with
- Managed to live out my 'secret fantasy' ...I'll leave it at that
- Got a lot of things off my chest
- Moved unexpectedly to an amazing place, finally I'm home
- Lost my beloved dog, Bingo who gave me the biggest lessons in life.He is in heaven now:)
- Rescued a cat, who became so close to me, never knew I could be a 'cat person'
- Got another puppy
- Finally realizing that I need to control what I think about all day
- Hooked on daily dose of Wayne Dyer affirmations
- cut my air extremely short :) loving it

Goals for 2018

- Inner bliss
- See what  happens to the startup idea that keeps poking me when I sit still
- Thoughts, all about thoughts and meditations

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