Truth about Depression

Hearing about Chester Bennington's death sparked a different kind of emotions inside me. Honestly I felt like he has been released from the struggle he had in his head. My brother who is a huge Linking Park fan told me that 'its a crazy situation' in total disbelief. I knew that it wasn`t just a crazy situation. I knew that its just so hard sometimes to  live with the voices in your head. I know that sometimes you simply can`t find a reason to go on. I've had those days, this year more often than most years.I have tried everything, even tying Dr.Kelly Brogan's suggested holistic methods. Getting rid of sugar from my diet did amazing changes to my body, but not my mind. I wanted to move, to a new space, but then I realized that even if I move I will be taking the voices in my head with me, so it wouldn't make a difference. Lying down in bed, wishing I would't need to wake up next morning feels like a terrifying thought to me now, yes, today is a 'good&#…

Moment of bliss

You go to work in the morning and the voice in your head keeps muttering "this is not what you should be doing with your life" over and over again.

Your co-workers are near you, trying to figure out a timeline of a project, they argue and discuss.

You kept working on your document despite the background and inside voices and reached for your headphones,and by accident saw "The Way - by Fastball".

You started playing.

............And then you experience pure bliss in that chaos.

Things I'm Trying out - Part two

I posted on  things I'm trying out in April, Two months later here's the progress.

- Tim Ferris - Still following his advice in reaching the highest potential as a human being

- Working on my ' Why'

- Started Vishen Lakhiani's six phase meditation

- Working on my startup and translation, I let go of guitar practice for now

- Getting better at practicing empathy

- Started to read seat of the soul by Gary Zukov again.Aligning myself to the purpose of the soul and  getting clear of my intention is something I'm practicing

- Daily workout is going well

-Discovered David Goggins, his fascinating talk can be found here

- Practicing being non-judgemental

Marriage and the 'right person'

Things I'm Trying Out

Listening to all the 'wise talks' in the world is not going to get me anywhere unless I'm applying them to my life. So thought of noting them down here and see how it goes.

- Listened to a talk by Tim Ferris on Impact Theory which was pretty awesome. The main takeaway I wanna apply to my life from his talk is working towards reaching my highest potential as a human being. That and going to start journaling (as Tim Ferris calls it).

- Still working on my 'WHY' (Simon Sinek)

- Meditation

-Working on my startup, translation and music daily even if its two mins per day

- Trying a new diet which includes meat

- Change of Mindset

- Trying and Trying

- Grey, Lots of Grey instead of black and white

- Practicing empathy

Simon Sinek - The Unshakable Optimist

Having seen this amazing interview, I think its safe to say that I have become a fan and a follower of Simon Sinek. It's not him as a person, its the 'vision of being able to go to work feeling safe and come back home fulfilled with the work you do' is what got me hooked. Well that and his amazing ability to articulate his thoughts and vision perfectly!

Only after downloading almost every single videos of his from youtube, that I discovered that his 2009 TED talk  is one of the most watched TED talks of all time !(apparently I have been living under a rock). Listening to him has made me become a much better human being, I have started practicing being of service, and finally I feel like I'm on the right path.

Anyway he describes himself as an unshakable optimist. Having watched his talks all day and week (and many years to come:D) I decided to become an unshakable optimist myself! yes, there I said it.

From now on I shall practice being an unshakable optimist!

Trusting oneself

When I was in school, I was so in touch with my inner self. some call it 'gut feeling'. I was really doing well in life, I was happy, didn`t get involved with dramatic relationships and was truly happy being alone and loved it. As time went on I started getting lost in touch with myself, let my hormones take control over my life and made decisions purely on extreme emotions. Some of the things I thought I wanted so badly ended up being the things that I want to run away from.

I'm still very much confused, trying to get closer to my 'inner self'.

Hope I can get back to my old self again.